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  • Choose to work on long or short term projects with clients.
  • Excellent compensation and benefits plan.
  • Ability to prepare bids, assemble teams and execute operations.
  • Success bonus for projects completed safely and on time.
  • No delays in payments and will not incur any payroll/onboarding issues.
  • Full compliance with State and Federal agencies.
  • Gather experienced professionals in all disciplines of Drilling and Completions.
  • Provide complete services, from start to finish, on drilling and completions projects.
  • Create high level teams to complete operations on time and under budget with an emphasis on safety.
  • Offer clients drilling and completions solutions with complete teams, NOT “plug the gap” consultants.


CloverDCI is committed
to finding our clients the best available team of consultants to staff the projects. Our consultants have a vast amount of experience and years of expertise, allowing them to help our clients reach their goals.


Whether you are looking for one consultant or a whole team for your project management, we have the right people with the right skills to help you!

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