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Photos From Friends

Terms & Conditions

NOTES: Anyone who submits a photo gives CloverDCI consent to use that photo in future publications or elsewhere on this website. Read the disclaimer below. Formats accepted include .jpg, .bmp, .gif The Photos From Friends page is an online feature that allows visitors to share their best photographs of the oil & gas industry. It is not a contest. It’s a chance to share some of your favorite pictures from projects. CloverDCI will select and post photographs at their discretion. We will try to post all suitable photographs that are submitted. If we post your photo, you can view it on the site for an indefinite period of time. If people or items appear in your photo, you, as the photographer, must have sufficient permission of any recognizable company or other persons appearing in the photograph to be able to submit the photograph and to be able to release the publishing rights of the photograph. Please understand that by submitting your photograph, you will release publishing rights of the image to CloverDCI. CloverDCI claims all rights to the usage of your photograph on printed and digital material.
By entering your photograph via this form, you agree to all of the terms written above.